Recor Medical
Currently working with client to streamline manufacturing and calibration of their product.

Soma Access Systems
At Soma Access Systems, Dr. Busse wrote embedded code to implement needle tracking algorithms and the supporting calibration software.  AxoTrack probes are available from Sonosite.

Automated Ultrasound Array Testing
Developed the TruSource system for automatic testing of ultrasound arrays.  The system is based on the Ultrasonix-RP modulo hardware with a custom designed capacitance tester.  More information on ultrasound probe testing and repair is available from Innovatus Imaging.

Automated 3D Breast Imaging
Starting in 2005, LJB Development assisted Orison Corporation with the development of an automated, ultrasound, 3D breast scanning system.  The system makes use of a unique multiplexed, concave array and mechanical motion to quickly scan the entire volume of the breast.  Specifically, LJB Development has provided assistance with array design, MUX architecture and design, and the design and implementation of the clinical application software.  Orison partnered with Ultrasonix Medical Systems to further develop the Embrace 3D Automated Breast Imaging Systems. The new system is called SonixEmbrace and it won recognition from Aunt Minnie as the “Best New Radiology Device” in 2012. A Field-II model for a concave linear array is available.

Corrosion Detection
Dr Busse was a founding partner of USUT Labs which partnered with Veracity Technology Solutions to develop ultrasound technology for the detection of hidden corrosion on the F-15 wing and the KC-135 wing. These SBIR funded projects have resulted in the delivery of automated inspection hardware to Robins Air Force Base and Tinker Air Force Base. The hardware includes robotic scanning systems, ultrasound imaging systems, and software tools for producing C-scans and viewing results in 3D images.

Regional Anesthesia Delivery
LJB Development, Inc built a prototype instrument designed to aid in the guidance of regional anesthesia. The prototypes use needles equipped with Doppler transducers and a nerve stimulator to help locate target nerves. Accurate needle placement should improve the success rate and the ease with which regional anesthesia can be performed. This work is based on patents (US 5,779,642, US 5,885,219) held by Chris Nightengale, MD who is one of the principle investigators in the project. The project was funded through a Phase II, SBIR Grant 2 R44 GM57750-02A1. Clinical studies to quantify improvements in performance were performed at the Mayo Clinic, Jacksonville, FL.

Beamforming and aberration Correction
LJB Development, Inc. was an active contributor to ongoing research at the University of Rochester’s Ultrasound Research Laboratory (URL) The overall goal of the projects at the U of R is to better understand the causes of phase aberration in ultrasound images and to develop algorithms to correct the distortion. The beamforming projects at URL involve the development of C++ software libraries which are used to control two custom array systems: the Ring Transducer System (RTS) and a Two-Dimensional (2D) array. RTS is a 2048 element circular array and the 2D array is an 80×80 element fully filled array. The software libraries which have been developed include:

  • Data acquisition software which includes: multiplexer control, automatic calibration and compensation. In the case of the 2D array, data acquisition has been implemented using programming methods which allows multiple computers to participate and thereby provide parallel processing of data.
  • Beamforming routines which implement multi-transmit focal zones and dynamic receive focusing that provide the same type of image quality as currently provided by state-of-the-art medical scanners.
  • Scan-conversion (image warping) and display routines.

Both of these systems are used by Professor Robert C. Waag and his collaborators to investigate ultrasonic scattering phenomena and phase aberration correction methods.
The support of Prof. Waag, Director of URL, is gratefully acknowledged.

FDA/regulatory issues
LJB Development, Inc. also works with commercial manufacturers of ultrasound systems and array/probes to insure compliance with FDA regulations regarding product labeling and safety of ultrasound devices. Services usually consist of measurements related to the total acoustic power output of devices. Special instrumentation and software for collecting and analyzing data are available as well as assistance with FDA filings.

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