8,323,201. System and method for three-dimensional ultrasound imaging.
7,300,414.Transcranial Ultrasound Thrombolysis System and method of treating stroke.
5,503,152. Ultrasonic Transducer Assembly and Method for Three-Dimensional Imaging.
5,351,693 and 5,363,853, Ultrasound Probe for Use with Transport Catheter and Method of Making Same
5,359,760. Method of Manufacture of Multiple-Element Piezoelectric Transducer
5,335,663. Laparoscopic Probes and Probe Sheaths Useful in Ultrasonic Imaging Applications
5,305,758. Ultrasonic Apparatus for use in Obtaining Blood Flow Information
5,038,791. Heart Imaging Method
4,531,411. Acoustic Emission Linear Pulse Holography.

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