LJB Development is a sole-proprietor firm operated by Lawrence J. Busse, Ph.D.  He provides consulting and engineering support for the development of ultrasound imaging systems and devices.  Specific Experience and services performed in the following areas:

  • Hardware and Software to streamline manufacturing while maintaining precise control and calibrations of devices.
  • Development of specialty applications using third party beamformers.  Specific experience developing software for the Ultrasonix RP system and the Terason T3000 beamformers.
  • Modeling transducer and array performance using KLM and Field-II modeling techniques.
  • Software implementations of Synthetic Aperture and Ultrasound beamforming Methods: using linear, circular, 1.5D and 2D arrays.
  • Consulting related to Acoustic Output measurements, calibration, control, and FDA compliance.
  • Pursuit and Evaluation of Intellectual Property

Custom Software Application written in C/C++ and Matlab for Windows, Linux, or embedded systems.