LJB Development, Inc maintains a complete laboratory with electronics, specialized acoustic equipment and software capabilities.  We can help you implement your next ultrasound imaging system.
System Development Capabilities

  • Experience developing Medical Imaging and Test Applications using the Ultrasonix digital beamformer.
  • Experience developing NDE Imaging and Test Applications using the Ultrasonix and Terason t3000 beamformers.
  • Custom embedded applications written for PIC-microcontrollers.
  • Custom Software done using the latest tools: Qt, .NET, C#, C/C++, WPF, DirectX
  • Modeling and analytical software written using MATLAB and Field-II.

Test Equipment

  • 50 gallon Acoustic Test Tank complete with Precise Automation XYZ Robot for automated hydrophone scanning.
  • Calibrated ONDA GL style hydrophones and preamplifiers.
  • Tektronix Digital Oscilloscopes.
  • Bode 100 Network Analyzer

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