LJB Development provides consulting and engineering support for the development of ultrasound imaging systems and devices.  Specific Experience and services performed in the following areas:

  • Hardware implementation of concave array systems for Automated Breast Ultrasound Systems.
  • Development of specialty applications using third party beamformers.  Specific experience developing software for the Ultrasonix RP system and the Terason T3000 beamformers.
  • Modeling transducer and array performance using KLM and Field-II modeling techniques.
  • Software implementations of Synthetic Aperture and Ultrasound beamforming Methods: using linear, circular, 1.5D and 2D arrays.
  • Consulting related to Acoustic Output measurements, calibration, control, and FDA compliance.
  • Pursuit and Evaluation of Intellectual Property

Custom Software Applications written in C#/C++/C and MATLAB for Windows,  Linux, or embedded systems.